Panthera Interactive has relationships with thousands of websites and email marketing publishers around the world. Our goal is to be the best performance-based network in the industry. We can do this by providing our publishing partners the following: revenue maximization, best-performing offers, real-time online reporting and statistics, fast reliable payment and most important personal support.

Maximizing Revenue

We're here to serve you! Whether you are a webmaster, media buyer, agency, email marketing professional, or a search engine expert, we are 100% committed to serving your needs.

Best Performing Offers

Our sales professionals are dedicated to locating and obtaining new advertising offers to provide our publishers. Panthera Interactive thoroughly tests the performance of new offers to ensure they meet the rigorous criteria for revenue generation. As a rule, an offer must meet minimum Revenue per Click (RPC) and Revenue per thousand Impressions (RPM) metrics.

Panthera Interactive offers a wide mixture of offers to choose from. Publishers can select the offers that best match their audience demographics and interests in order to maximize conversion rates.

Online Reporting and Statistics

Panthera Interactive provides publishers real time online reporting through a 3rd party tracking system. The reporting enables publishers to evaluate campaigns quickly to determine what is working best for their traffic. The online reports track the following metrics: impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate), leads or sales, sign up percentage, revenue generated and EPC (earnings per click). The stats are available 24/7 through a password-protected interface.

Personal Support

Panthera Interactive will allocate each new publishing partner an affiliate manager. These managers will support the publishers in selecting the best offers for their site visitors, retrieving links and creative from the system and maximizing their online advertising inventory. Panthera Interactive is a true believer in building long-term relationships with each of our publishers and establishing a WIN-WIN model.