Panthera Network (Panthera) is dedicated to maximizing the ROI of your advertising dollars. Why gamble with CPM (cost per impression) advertising when you can pay only for results?

Panthera is one of the leaders in performance-based (CPA) marketing. Our network consists of thousands of top-tier publishers who can market your offer in a number of ways, including: banners, contextual, email, incent, mobile, pops, search and social media. Below are some of the highlights for choosing Panthera.

Performance-based pricing model

Advertisers define the field data needed and pay a pre-determined price per lead generated. This pricing model guarantees you only pay for results.

Large distribution

Panthera has partnered with thousands of high-traffic, quality websites and CAN SPAM Compliant email marketers. Your offer can be promoted via the following mediums: banners, contextual, email, incent, mobile, pops, search and social media. If you are looking for an affiliate network that has it all, you have come to the right place.

Free account setup

At Panthera Network, Advertisers will NEVER pay setup and/or monthly maintenance fees.

Fraud management

Panthera has very strict screening criteria for approving publishers. Other networks approve every publisher who comes through the door. This method creates a tremendous amount of fraud and you, the Advertiser pay for it through bad leads. At Panthera Network, each publisher is carefully screened BEFORE being approved. In addition, we watch the traffic on a
continuous basis for any unusual activity so you only pay for high-quality leads.

Quick setup time

Your offer can be up and running in our network as soon as 72 business hours. We have a team dedicated to loading up your campaign while the business office gets the paperwork squared away. We don't waste anytime and you will be pleased by our quick turnaround.

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